PACmon 2.0

- Power Acquisition Control and Monitoring Solution

PACmon(Power Acquisition Control and Monitoring) version 2.0 is a hardware and software solution for measuring power features of low power boards and system. This equipment provides web-based power monitoring and profiling functionalities to developers and testers. PACmon 2.0 can capture voltage, current, power and temperature data for a certain amount of time from each component on your board. It shows data on a real time basis by a graphical web interface. PACmon 2.0 plots power and temperature data of each channels as a line graph so that you can easily observe the shape of graph and compare with each other. Also PACmon 2.0 shows you information of processors, usage of CPUs and Memory.
  • Power Measurement
    • 2.5V/2.5A 8 channels
    • 15V/10A 2 channels
  • Temperature Measurement : 2 channels
  • Profiling
    • Frequency states of processors, CPUs and GPUs
    • Usage of CPUs and Memory
  • The board power rail must have SHUNT for measurement
  • WEB based real-time monitoring with user friendly graphical interface
Block Diagram